Things that are working the best for my coaching clients:

First being super solid on their 5 W’s and an H of themselves, their businesses and their ideal clients.

Going Live Daily on FB. They each started out doing this on their FB business page and then transitioned to a private Facebook group.

Focus on your one thing, create a multi-level package based on your one thing: what is working best right now is:
1: A free large value give.
2: low priced value connection $25 or less connection call (20-30 minutes all vale no sales pitch)
3: upsell via email marketing of course etc. $100 or less
4: large upsell (whatever that value is) to the one thing you really want to be doing.
This strategy grows your email list, the K.L.T of your followers and keeps them connected to you so you can continue to keep them warm.
Weekly emails to your list that are 90% value and 10% call to action
Social media content that is 80% pure value, 20% value-based sales, 20% outright sale.
Networking both online and in-person that is the same 80/20/20 rule.
Pinterest strategy for growing your website visits and sales.
Content strategy to keep it simple. Use all your content wisely.
Consistency is the biggest most important thing. Plan ahead so that if you need a social media break you have coney still being put out without having to worry about it.
A financial cushion is also essential.

Don’t try to DIY it all... I actually just wrote a long post on this...

And most of all love what you do and talk about your love of what you do! This is why people will want to connect with you!