I have been teaching my clients some Facebook Group etiquette as of late and everyone has seen an increase in leads because of it.
1: Read the question fully before answering - seems simple but often times people just scream I can do that for you, instead of answering the simple question asked.
2: Provide more value inside the group then pitching yourself. I teach the 60/20/20 rule:
60% Full Value- Just support the poster, be of service without expecting anything in return. Truly help someone.
20% Value-based veiled pitching- Provide value by letting someone know you are there but in that post 80% of what you are sharing should be value.
20% out right pitching yourself- me me me!
3: Don’t overwhelm someone asking for help with 100 posts of I can do that and I sell that. What’s the point? 95% of the time the poster hires no one at all. It’s like the Wild West and they get overwhelmed with all that nonsense, and it’s hard to weed through all of that. Instead, if you see more than say 30 or so people posting... move on, or support that person and give them some tips on hiring someone.
4: If a bunch of MLM’s are in the post just move on don’t even bother not worth your time to try and been seen through that craziness.
5: When pitching yourself first look at the person profile that is asking for help, then provide a little intel and value, based on what their need request is.
6: Refer other women! We should be supporting one another instead of trying to kill or be killed in every post.
7: When pitching yourself tell people why you are good at what you do. Share a quick story or case study. Tell them why you are unique.
8: Do not DM/PM someone unless they specifically ask you to! And if you do connect via messenger take the time to ask questions not just pitch.
9: Actually read the post and answer the question inside the post. Stop hiding your answers in DMS. When you post and help one another inside the post you never know who else will see it and maybe hire you for your expertise.
10: Tracking tip for if you do message- copy the post and your response to it, so you remember why that person reached out to you in the first place. It will make you look smart and the requester more confident in your skills! (I get 100’s of messages a week and this one keeps me
Very organize).
I hope this helps you really get so much more out of groups like this one!