I own an Digital Marketing and VA agency (have had 9 VA's working with me at any particular time): The BIGGEST pieces of advice are the following:

1: Write down every single thing you do each and every day (personal tasks too) for at least 2 weeks a month is even better.

2: Now write down all the things you never get to get finished up but need done.

3: Now take that list and separate everything out into the LOVE to do in my business, HATE to do in my business, Never have time for. Personal Items- do the same.

4: Now take a look at that list. Would hiring a housekeeper once a week give you more time in your business? Is it work the money exchange? Would hiring someone to grocery shop for you (think dumpling.us or instacart here) save you enough time to get some of those things on your list done? Would hiring someone to do your yard maintenance get you time back in your business? IF YES to any of those hire this first it is cheaper and easier to manage things like this first (and the luxury you feel doing this is great for your Mindset as well).

5: If you still need someone: Go back to the LOVE, HATE, NEVER DO list. Create a detailed list of tasks you need done that you need to hire someone for.

6: Create a SOP (standard operating procedure) for each task on the list. If you can’t easily write out every step (the SOP should be easy for a 5 year old to understand), then you are not ready to hire someone yet.
If you are looking to hire someone to write social media content or create graphics- make sure you have a detailed brand strategy written out first- again if you can’t do this then you aren’t ready to hire someone.

7: Once you have all the above then you are VERY clear who you are looking for and should be able to easily narrow down your needs and someone’s ability to work with you.

8: If you are unable to dial down all the above information hire a Business Strategist or a Certified OBM they are there to help you get all this information together and create these processes in your business. They can even help you hire who you need to provide the support you need. You do not need to hire someone long term. Usually, a few consultations or a single monthly package is enough to get you on the right track.

I hope this helps. When you are super clear on what you need down to the tiniest step, then hiring a VA or any other position in your business goes smoothly (90% of the time at least).