A forum is very unique in the benefits directly to you as a poster and active member. Every post you comment on and every thread your start increases your website domain authority.

Every post has SEO behind it, see below, just under the box that you are typing your post in, where you can enter tags, that is the SEO tied to your post. The thread, its self also has SEO and your signature has backlinks to your site.

When you post in the weekly blog post thread you are creating backlinks to your website.

When you post in the Business Directory you are setting up your own keywords and link to your website, youtube channel etc. so that YOU are getting the traffic and recognition from Google.

This forum is not to drive traffic to just our Be Boss Girl world. We want you to get the benefit of posting here and for your business to thrive and flourish online. We have the same level of promotion here that you do!

If you don't see a category you would like to have just let us know! We will gladly add it!