Pinterest is one of the most famous online platforms today, where you can find valuable content for your specific needs. Do you want to know why Pinterest is not a form of social media? Then, this article is for you. According to the co-Founder of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann, the platform is different from a social network because the photos you upload to a social media network are just there to be liked, whereas Pinterest is self-serving. Pinterest focuses more on helping you attain happiness rather than trying to make you famous.

What makes Pinterest unique from other social media platforms?

Source of plan and inspiration
Pinterest can serve as a reliable source of inspiration and platform for planning your self-improvement. It focuses on searching, not on creating friendships. The best part is that you can explore useful ideas from other people that you can use for your future success.

A reliable source of information
More than 200 million people use the platform every month to search for new brands, products, and services. It is the best platform for people to find tips for all sorts of activities, such as DIY projects with a wealth of information for the needs of its users.

Practical marketing strategy
Aside from a source of inspiration and information, sharing your content on Pinterest can help your business. Pinterest offers an affordable marketing strategy to connect with your target audience. Once they find your pin, they will automatically visit your site, increasing your website traffic.

Source of ideas for real life

Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Pinterest is a major source of ideas using pins. The pins are tied to different categories that match various interests. With Pinterest, you can discover photos for events, vacations, kitchen adventures, craft projects, and more.

Pinterest promotes a happy and healthy lifestyle

With Pinterest, you can find helpful ideas on how to succeed in your DIY projects like gardening, home decorations, crafts, cooking your favorite recipes, and the like. Pinterest can help you to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. You can also hone your skills with guides you can find on the platform.

If you are a marketer, you must understand the difference between Pinterest from other social media platforms. It can help increase your website traffic, so make sure that you have quality content. Pinterest aims to help you achieve your goals, using idea-sharing. It shares content from websites, blogs, retailers, as well as inspiring things for your lifestyle.

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