If your company is struggling to grow, then you may not have the right people in the correct position. Some people find it an overwhelming task, while others seem to have the magic touch of putting people in situations where they will thrive. When your employees are thriving, then your company will grow.

Know What Your Business Needs
If you are starting out, then take an inventory of what skills you have that will help your company grow. Then, ask yourself what positions you need to create within your company because you do not have those skills. Now, stop and consider if you have enough work to keep that employee busy full-time or if it is a job that you can outsource. For example, you may occasionally need a lawyer for legal work, but you do not need one daily.

Look Beyond Skills
At this point, you should have created a list of jobs that you need someone else to complete regularly. Now, it is time to start filling those positions. Start by putting them in a priority list so that you can hire for the most critical positions first. Then, write job descriptions for those positions. Post the descriptions where people with those skills are likely to see them. Then, start the process of hiring people. Make sure that you look at their history and check their behavior in the interview. However, it might be difficult to identify some of the applicant’s traits in just the interview. It’s important to keep in mind that some traits can be tested for. You want to find people who fit in naturally with your company culture. Setting up a behavioral interview may help you overcome common challenges of identifying these individuals.

Promote From Within
Many companies fail to promote from within, so they leave many talented individuals doing entry-level positions. Develop a career ladder so that employees know what they must do to move up in the company. Teach your managers always to be strengthening skills in new employees. Give written evaluations often. During assessments, work with the employee to develop specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely goals. Then, reward those who meet or exceed their goals. Be very careful to make all evaluations based on performance and not who is your friend.

The right people can help your company grow quickly but finding them can be challenging. Start by developing a prioritized list of the positions that you need to fill. Then, fill them with people who have the skills and the right attitude. Do not forget to promote from within by evaluating often and developing goals for each employee’s growth. In the end, don’t be afraid to ask for help and expert support when you need it to achieve your business goals.

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