How Fear Can CrippleYour Business Fear is a powerful force in life. It can influence actions and decisions from people, as well as the results that they achieve. At a certain point, who you are and what you do has been influenced by fear in one way or another. While fear can protect you, it frequently becomes an obstacle between you and your business goals. Succeeding in business depends on your knowledge of how to leverage fear.

Ways Fear Can Negatively Impact Your Business

Fear can bring intense worry and negative thinking making business owners reluctant to take risks and achieve their goals. Acting out of fear can cripple your business because you spend all your time thinking of horrible things that could happen rather than striving to become better in terms of running or managing your business.
Fear affects your confidence. This will wear down your strength and tenacity and can affect how you work with your clients.
Fear can also affect your state of mind making you unable to make sound business decisions.
Fear can make you feel disabled and unable to move forward.
Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the presence of action in the face of fear. The courageous person acts while the fearful get stuck.

Helpful Ways to Overcome Fear and Stop this from Crippling Your Business

Fear is inevitable, but there are ways to prevent it from affecting your business negatively. Here are a few suggestions for taking back control:

Overcome Fears with Audible Words

Fight your negative thoughts by saying positive words out loud. Try shouting! Don’t worry about seeming silly. The cliche “Fake it ‘til you make it” works. By saying positive words out loud, you are reaffirming to yourself that you are in control, instead of the fear running you.

Live in the Present

When starting a business, fear of your previous failures won’t help you. Just keep moving forward. Try practicing mindful meditation to calm your thoughts. If you are a person of faith, prayer can also help center your mind. Whatever you find that works, the goal is to live in the present by focusing on what you’re trying to accomplish and taking the little steps every day to get closer to achieving it.

Reframe Your Fears

The feeling of being excited and the feeling of being nervous both make your body react the same way. All that matters is changing the way you look at the response. If you begin to feel nervous, reframe the situation in your mind to find possibilities that excite you and utilize those feelings to motivate yourself to take that leap of faith.

If fear starts to set in, practice these tips to overcome your fears, and stop them from crippling your business. If you want to succeed in business, embrace positive feelings and a winner’s mindset to move forward and take your business to the next level.

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