This is about trusting yourself, standing up for what you are and are not available for. Giving yourself what you actually freaking need.

Do you think the weight is going to go away if you’re constantly hyper-focused on it? What you focus on grows and expands so if you’re always thinking “lose the weight, lose the weight, lose the weight” you’re expanding the weight itself.
Let’s flip that and focus on what you do want instead of what you don’t want.

You want to lose weight so you tell yourself you don’t get to have this or that turns into I get to have this in my life, I get to do what lights me up and excites me NOW! I don’t have to wait until the weight is gone to enjoy my life.

It’s like the chicken and the egg – which came first…..

Let this sink in – I’m one week postpartum and I’m down 30lbs! Yes, 30! I was 209 at the doctor’s office the week before I had cooper so really I was more than that. This morning I weighed 179!

And here’s the thing – you are no different than me, at all.
You know how to do this.
You are a freaking badass who shows up for your family and puts yourself on the line so they don’t have to.
You take care of the house, the bills, the kids, all of it.
You give so much of yourself because you love to serve others – it’s time to serve yourself.
You keep pushing when it feels like shit hits the fan b/c you know you will push through and be just fine on the other side – you know this.
You are resourceful and savvy and a bright light that others look to and wonder how the hell she does it all.
If you can do all that – then you can do this.
It really isn’t about the weight, it never was.

This is about feeling like the hot sexy momma you know you are. The one people talk about in such positive ways, they admire you because you showed up and backed yourself while staying in integrity with you, your desires, and still took care of your kids and all the other 1000 things you do a day.
It’s you calling on your bravery to ask your husband not to bring the extra crap home which is you setting positive boundaries and also building a stronger relationship.
It’s you being real about what you make time for in your life.
This is you owning your life and living it on your terms, showing up as a powerhouse who doesn’t settle for this or that – you’ll have both b/c you get to have everything you want in life.

That’s how this gets to be this time.
You get permission NOW to live your life, there’s no more weighting until you can fit back into those leggings.
There’s no more waiting until you hit that number.
The reason it’s melting off of me is b/c I’m not focusing on it. I’m lit the fk up enjoying my life and going after my dreams.


I really don’t even have to teach you how, because you already know-how. You’ve just forgotten how to tap into that and trust yourself.
You are capable of having everything you want. It is possible for you.
Give yourself the support you want to go all in.
No more half-assing anything. No more this is hard. No more this sucks.
It doesn’t have to be that way. This gets to be easy, fun, exciting and omg I get to do that while watching my best body and self come forth??? Hell yes, sister!

It’s never been about weight loss.
It’s always been about being happy and true to yourself and letting your badass power shine.
No more holding yourself back girl
You got this. If I can do it I know with all my heart you can do it.

#yougotthis #justdoit #itsnotaboutme
Becca, xoxo
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