It hit me how obvious it is I’m experiencing what I’m experiencing now of all times.

  • I’ve up-leveled/recalibrated so much over the last several weeks to months

  • I’ve been backing myself relentlessly and pulling in the support I want and need

  • I made the transition from working for someone else to working for myself – I’m done saying I’m in the process of transitioning. It’s done!

  • I’m being ballsy and taking action every day.

  • I’m pregnant AF right now lol, of course, my emotions and feelings are raging and I’m questioning if I can support another mouth to feed.

Of course, I’m feeling all this hit me b/c I’m allowing the fear to creep in and take charge instead of my heart.

I don’t have to stay in the place of what did I do wrong, why isn’t this working, why am I not making money. That’s what fear wants b/c it knows that’s the ‘safe’ space. I’m growing too fast for it to keep up and it’s rearing its head.

My job is to stay focused on what I’d be doing if everything was cool today and exactly as I want it to be.

It’s so obvious now that I see it for what it is. It’s the natural transitioning lol. In the past, I’d of ran and say I failed yet again. This time, I’m letting the wave wash over me and go back out to sea with me remaining to stand strong within myself.

Holy hell this feels AMAZING!
I can’t believe I finally arrived at this place lol

It’s so funny how we try to overanalyze and overthink every little thing as a way to stay ‘stuck’ and in our patterns – it’s the ultimate procrastination.

I’m not giving in to that BS today. Or tomorrow, or the day after.

Don’t give in. Don’t give in.
Don’t keep looking at the resistance because you’ll stay focused on it. Look past it at your goal and you’ll move through it with ease and flow.

You got this girl!
Becca, xoxo

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