Something that’s occurred to me this last week is how little I’d been giving myself permission to do what made me feel good physically.

I honestly think that’s why I created Inhale – b/c I saw an area of my life where I needed to step up and take responsibility for myself.

Thanks to my lovely mentor, Ms. Mandy Perry, it slapped me in the face that I’d been putting off taking care of multiple things in my personal life because I could. I was expecting them to just fall into place while I laid around working in/on my business.

I was pouring everything I had into it and into my people because if I was busy doing that I didn’t have to look at the rest of the BS.

What was I putting off??

Clearly my freaking out when I damn well know our physical environment is a reflection of our inner world. If I know what environment makes me thrive why wouldn’t I create that??? Der Becca

Eating shit several times a day b/c I’m pregnant and I’m allowed to do that right!? No! If I know it makes me worn down and bitchy later why am I eating it??? B/c it’s a way to numb out from doing the stuff in my daily personal life that needs to be taken care of.

Not exercising. This one weighed me down daily. I felt so much guilt and shame for not moving myself like I used to before I was pregnant. I kept imagining the worst-case scenario – me falling and hurting myself again – so of course, I didn’t want to risk that. EVEN THOUGH I know how to exercise effectively and efficiently.

Now it’s on my daily list of have to do’s – move my ass for 10 minutes – yes just 10 minutes!
So are brushing my teeth and doing something with my hair and changing my clothes every day lol

My question for you is this – where in your life are you so contracted and stressed out that you’re not giving yourself you need because it feels like one more thing to do will drown you?

If it’s anything similar to what was weighing me down I know you’re going to resonate with this.
Women, or men, who take the time to inhale for themselves have given themselves permission to LOOK AFTER THEIR BODY AND MIND

They know that while they have amazing friends and family and maybe even a partner, in the end, there’s no guarantee that anyone is going to look out for them — that’s why they have to make sure they’re doing it themselves.

This can be as basic as making sure that they eat well and get the exercise they need and brush their teeth…..
Waiting for some hero to come fix you is so not the way forward and quite frankly you’ll be waiting a lifetime.
Smart women give themselves permission to have what they need to feel good.

They set the example and know their choices and actions speak volumes.
If that resonates with you good! Share it, help me get the message out!

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