Be bold. Be brave. Take the action.

I’ve been psyching myself out. Yes, me.

I’ve been afraid to step forward and take the aligned action.

I’ve been feeling messy AF, irritable, pissy, tired, all I want to do is sleep as a form of procrastination.

It occurred to me what’s happening – I was letting fear run the show and it felt so shitty.

I didn’t feel right putting my message out yesterday. Who am I to say what I’m here to say when I’m working through my own shit.

Then it hit me – of course this feels hard and scary. I’m making decisions as Becca 2.0 but I’m basing it from my current circumstances. Of course that feels fucking weird and hard. I stepped out of integrity with myself and wasn’t in alignment.

Thank god I caught on to this!

I did the thing – I’m one step closer to having my own team. ME – a freaking boss literally!
All the how’s were crossing my mind. What I forgot is this – the how’s are irrelevant. It’s about trusting myself enough to take the action when it feels hard and scary.

Just like I ask you to do.

Be bold. Be brave. Take the action.

You’re only going to be able to see one step in front of you at a time. Trust it’s the right step.
You wouldn’t feel so much resistance around it if it wasn’t the one thing that would help you grow and expand.

I go first in my life as an act of love. Not only for me but for you. I’ve been through the weeds and felt the fear and looked the thing in the eyes to grow myself and to help you do the same.

Trust you will know the next action to take when it appears.
Trust you are enough RIGHT NOW.
Trust your past does not define how you’ll show up today and tomorrow and the next day and the next.

Believe you are capable of showing up bigger than anyone else around you.
Believe you can do it.
Trust it’s all working out for you.

Surrender to what your journey looks like because I can promise you it’s different than anyone else’s.

#yougotthis #youareenough #trust #believe #justdoit
Becca, xoxo

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