Change is inevitable. The world around is in constant motion. The tide, the seasons, the cells within your body. They’re always changing. Always evolving. Always shedding what was.

Change is inevitable. Natural.

So why do people resist it so much??

Imagine when you resist it.

You feel frustrated. Like you’re suffering. Like you’re on this endless battle with yourself that you can’t win.
What if you embraced change instead of resisting?

Imagine how freeing that would be!

Change can feel scary. And, it’s beautiful.

What if instead of clinging to what was, you let change flow to you, through you, and all around you?
What if it could be easy? It wouldn’t be a problem, a burden.

It can be if you just let it flow.

Have you heard people say you have to hit rock bottom before you can climb back to the top? Have you ever wondered why that’s said?

It’s a saying because life is an ebb and flow, a constant up and down. Life is constantly changing and we try to deny that.
Imagine a life like a mountain range. There are the beautiful mountain peaks that appear to kiss the sky. You can get lost in the beauty of the mountain range. Wondering what’s beyond it but you don’t actually chase it. You’re ok with being lost in its beauty of uncertainty of what’s around the next peak.
What goes up must come down.

Like life, all mountains have valleys that are just as beautiful. But, they’re left unnoticed, unacknowledged because you prefer to look up.
Up is good. Down is bad. That’s what you’ve been taught.
Have you ever noticed how insanely beautiful valleys are???

They spring with life! They’re the lifeline of the mountains.

Life is like a mountain range. There are obvious peaks. And there’s the unnoticed, unmentioned valleys or lows.
You can’t have the peaks without the valleys. It just can’t be.

This is why the change in life feels so hard and frustrating and like you’re pulling your hair out.

Because you can’t see around the next peak and you so desperately want to know what’s coming.

You want the guarantee, the certainty, of what’s around the corner.
What if you just trust that you’ll get to the top and it’ll be the most beautiful thing you ever witnessed???

What happens when you reach the top? You have to go down the other side. It’s natural. It’s life. It’s change.

The downhill side isn’t bad. It’s leading you to your next peak.

What if you saw the downhill as the ease and flow of life. Downhill is easier than uphill is it not? It’s natural. It get to just be easy.

What if you applied that to your life and quit trying to look around the corner????….

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