I used to feel guilty for working at home when Gabbie’s home.

I fed myself lines of crap like “I’m a bad mom if I’m not spending all my time focused on her.”

Or, “she’ll think she’s not important if I’m not giving her my full attention constantly.”

On and on the loop went. Always on repeat.

Until I woke the hell up.

Who am I not to let her see me working from home. She’ll know it’s an option later in life.
Who am I too suffocate her with what I think she ‘should’ be doing with her time. Let her feel what independence is.
Who am I to hide my life from her and make it freaking rainbows and unicorns all the magical fking time? That’s not realistic – let her see the ups and downs and what it’s like to manage our emotions as they come.

Let her see it all.

Does she know she’s loved???

I used to ask myself that a lot. Then I got pretty damn certain what her love language is so I love her in her way.
Quality time.

I don’t have to hover over her all the time. Being in the room with her is enough. Interacting with her when she wants/needs it is enough for her.

I make damn sure I tell her she’s loved. That she belongs. That is safe here.

She is loved and in a way that feels best for her at this point in her life. So… I let the guilt tripping go.
I see and hear so many beautiful, strong, powerful women hold themselves back because they listen to all the shit they should be doing as a mother.

YOU set the standard.
YOU are the role model.
YOU instill their thoughts and beliefs in them.
YOU lead.

Becca, xoxo

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