Right now, you’re trying to be better. Up-leveled. Healthier. Free.
But you’re stuck feeling like you have to do it just like every else does.
You think you have to follow a strict plan or do it just like you’re friend at work because it’s working for her so it WILL work for you.
But it’s not.

Someone, something, inspired you to take action. She inspired you to ‘be better,’ make better choices, dress a certain way, style your hair a certain way.
You see how others like her because of the choices she makes and how the actions she takes are working for her.
You copy her because you want to feel that sense of love, safety, and belonging. You want to feel that you’re doing it right too.

It’s like if only I can do those things and get those same results.
Why do you turn that into trying to be HER? Instead of trying to be you and do what works for you and makes YOU feel good?
She only lets you see what she wants you to see. Life is a filter when it’s lived through IG, FB, or through the gossip at work.
We only see what’s allowed.
So why do you strive to live a life that’s so perfectly put together on someone else’s terms?
What if you lived on your terms?
What if you’re finally in charge?
What if you were a trailblazer and someone others looked up to because you weren’t doing it perfectly and exactly like everyone else?

What if others admire you the way you currently are and love you for you rather than the copy cat you’re trying to be?
They do.
There are people in your life who are up close and there are those who watch from afar. They see your resilience, your persistence, your desire to be better and do better.
They see you as a voice worth listening to.
You’re not an echo. You’re a voice!
People love you because you’re genuine, sincere, and always strive for better. Maybe once you were a perfectionist, that’s ok, we’ve all been there.
You’re better than perfectionism.
You’re REAL.
You’re living life.

Sometimes that showing up, changing, and being in charge is hard.
THOSE hard things are what’s callusing you and building you up and making you stronger!

Can you imagine how boring and mundane life would be if it always went according to plan?
Creating a life you’re proud of is HARD. However, it’s those moments that callus you to make it easier the next time.
The quote is a voice, not an echo struck a nerve with me today.
I see how other people are afraid to live life to their fullest because it means going against what everyone else says.
It triggers thoughts of “What if others judge me, criticize me, think I don’t know what i”m talking about.”
Who cares!
I’m a work in progress just like you! I’m learning how to find my voice. I’m building up my trust in myself when I relay the message that comes from within.
Why do you try to be the echo instead of the voice?
Maybe you’ve been told to be seen not heard.
Maybe you’ve been told your thoughts don’t matter. That you’re a nobody who’s never going to amount to anything.
Maybe you’re afraid to put yourself out there because the nay-sayers get louder.
Maybe you’re afraid of what your spouse, kids, friends, or family will think of you if they knew the REAL you.
Maybe you’re putting up a wall because life isn’t supposed to work for you and be rewarding.
You’re currently following the path of least resistance and while that’s ok, is that really where you want to be?
Do you want to keep echoing everyone else’s thoughts and actions?
Or, do you want to step up and share what you really think?
Do you want to FINALLY be a voice others can listen to and follow?
Deep down you want to be a positive role model. Your want to show your kids that following your dreams is possible.

That having it all is really possible.
That won’t come by hitting the easy button.
It’s scary transitioning from being the echo to being the voice. It’s an unknown space that causes fear.
Being the voice isn’t about trying to be better than others, it’s about trying to be better than yourself.
Better than you who yesterday didn’t feel like working out, that didn’t feel like choosing the water instead of the soda, that didn’t feel like speaking her truth.

Every time you step up and be the voice, you grow.
It gets easier and you’re callusing your mind for the next time.
Every time you choose the harder, up-leveled choice you’ll feel some resistance (which is normal because you’re growing), you’ll be proud of yourself. And accomplishment and pride and courage and hell yeah I did it!
You’ll feel on fire, all because you were the voice, not an echo.

Too many people follow and copy others.
Live your life the way YOU want it to be.
With love,
Becca, xoxo

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