Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday. She turned the big 3! It hit my husband and me hard and I’m grateful for it. She’s been a rock in our lives, probably the rock.

3 years ago yesterday we were at the hospital expecting this little girl into our lives 6 weeks early. We didn’t know a thing about parenting or what to really expect. It’s been a beautiful journey for all of us.

Yesterday really sparked the need to SLOW DOWN. We, mainly me, spend our days hustling and bustling around here.

We don’t just sit down and play with her as much as we could. Yesterday we were intentional about that. She was so excited that we were taking her to a place where she could run and play and be crazy and she LOVED that we were going to play with her.

She kept asking us if that’s what we were doing like she didn’t believe us like there’s no way!

It was so much fun. So much fun! She was a blast and actually listened (for the most part lol).

This experience made it click that life is so precious. A lot of us are guilty of thinking we have do constantly do do do. We get rewarded for the busier we seem. The more we have on our plate. Ultimately we end up overcrowding our plate with BS stuff that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t love us at the end of the day. It doesn’t care about our well being. It’s not going to tell you sweet dreams at night.

Those things don’t matter and yet we’ve taught ourselves to give it all this power so that we feel powerless.

What if you got intentional with your time?
What if you really focused on the important things?
What are the important things and why are they important?
What if you slow down and get present with yourself, with your kids, with your lover, with you?
Remember the saying, “the turtle wins the race.” It holds true. If we’re constantly racing through life we don’t win, we lose.

We lose time with our loved ones.
We lose precious moments that slipped by because we weren’t paying attention.
We lose track of time and before we know it we blink and our life has passed us by.
What if you just live in the moment instead of always racing around trying to fix something you’ve done or racing through your day trying to get to the next level?

All this extra BS you’re doing is probably busywork. What’s your real work? What’s the thing you’re doing all this BS busy work to avoid?

Becca, xoxo

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