What this process is teaching me:

I am finding that the process of rebranding and changing the direction of my business is a roller coaster ride — as I keep trying to make some choices and find my directions. I started with my ideal client list and I crafted what that looked like to support. I then wrote a marketing plan with what I thought was measurable and doable goals.

Planning process
In the process, I discovered the need to take a step back before going full throttle on marketing. I must execute the basics BEFORE going crazy on marketing. I was so worried about the money part that I was not looking at the whole business. As a result, I choose to step back AGAIN and decide what I desire my services to be and what I prefer my client to get from my services.

Because I listened to the mentoring of so many people, I became frozen, undecided and overwhelmed on what to do next. I am now working on new offers and revamping my website as I did get a helpful website audit. I am learning to trust myself and look at what has worked for me in the past, as far as accountability, then figure out how to make that a service. I am working on gathering testimonies and putting systems in place to better serve my clients. I am looking forward to getting past the “stuck” point and building a business I can be proud of, helping as many people as possible! What do you do to get “unstuck”, leave me a comment!!