How did my business start? Let’s go back 2 years ago when I started helping a friend who was running two business and needed some administrative services. I helped him out when I could then he moved away. He decided we would meet once a week by video conference and he would update me on the businesses status and set goals for the week. I would organized meeting notes into action plans. I set up trello board to help him see progress. I would do some research for information for content for his client’s websites. I did this for several months. I started doing some social media things for him on two Facebook pages.

Jospeh and I will always have a bond as we are now family.
I seen that there was a free webinar for Moms Work Hard course. I took the webinar and ended up getting the course. It was awesome to learn that there are over 150 different services virtual assistant can do! I took a small break after finishing course for my daughter’s wedding. I then started joining groups on facebook and found an internship.

I did an internship and learned a lot about a few different services. I ended up getting hired by owner as her virtual assistant. She turned into my first goal accountability client. I have found that I love cheering on people and that I am great at helping people figure out action steps. I have learned many ways to help people and will continue to keep learning new skills. Thanks