A Growth mindset is believing that abilities and talents can be cultivated through instruction and practice. They truly believe that throughout their lives they can get smarter and more talented. A growth mindset encourages people to grow and learn and try new things.
I want to share a few things about the success that I experienced in 2019 and how I did it.
Grit and resilience

Resilience. The ability to get back up when you have been knocked down and to come back fighting stronger. While grit is the motivational drive that keeps me on a different task for long periods of time.
A growth mindset

Everything is an opportunity to learn rather than an obstacle to overcome. I believe in myself, I believe in my goals, I believe that I am socially connected, and I believe in my self-regulatory skills.
Have a plan!!!

I always have a plan. I Plan based on the 12-week year, now this is not for everyone, but when I talk about my 2020 plans I am talking about accomplishing things before the end of March 2020.
So, to plan my 12 weeks, my basic process is:
Doing a “Brain Dump” allows me to all those big dreams great and small out of my head and on to paper.
Prioritize it all out, in order to truly prioritize I need to do my project sheets out first. Once every step and item that it takes to accomplish my goals are written out then I can prioritize them. I decide what’s step one, two, three, etc. and then I add it to my plan for each month.
Every single day I do one thing to work towards accomplishing my goals. EVERY SINGLE DAY I DO ONE THING. No matter how bad the day this is one of my musts each day. If I am not working on my goals then my purpose is lost, but by doing that one thing each day I am being accountable to myself and to my goals and dreams.

Grit is our passion and perseverance towards reaching a long-term goal while resilience is the optimism to keep bouncing back from failure. The good news is that a growth mindset means you can learn, develop and build your resilience and grit. Like most valuable skills, this will take practice, dedication, and a plan. Fostering the traits of a growth mindset will have a positive impact on every aspect of your life.