I am the CEO of a Digital Marketing and VA Agency and a 20 IT Pro and 15-year Marketing Strategist.
1 Certified OBM
2 junior OBM’s
3 General VA’s
3 Graphic Designer
3 Web Designers
2 Social Media Strategists
2 Marketing Strategists
2 Influencer Strategists
1 Award-Winning PR Pro
2 Award-Winning Content Creators
1 IT Pro
6 Social Media Managers

We are an agency, but we offer these services in a very different personal way so that you have 1 person that grows with you, but you also get experts in every field you need.
We will assign the main person that fits for most of your skill needs, however for the same pricing you will also get all the knowledge the rest of our team has to offer, and no lapse in service for sick days, vacations or emergencies because we operate as a team, not as a single isolated person.

Our processes:
Each Friday we meet as a team to plan out all client work and break down of staff needs for the following week.
We also meet each morning to discuss again our progress, support one another and provide incite or guidance on anything that might be needed.
Clients get weekly updates on statuses of everything that has been done (these are just quick updates).
Once a month, clients get a full break down with any needed notes of all that has been done for them and anything still in the pipeline.

Our current client industries:
Weight loss
OBM (we have an OBM that we white label services)
Social Media agencies (we white label services for)
Skin Care Brand
Hair Care Brand
IT Service Providers
Content Creators
Web Designers
Graphic Designers
And more…

Our Skill Sets:
Paid Membership Pro
IT Services
Graphic Design
Web Design
Content Creation
Blog Posts
Social Media Posts
Ad Design
Sales Copies
Website Copy
Invoicing/bookkeeping (we also have an EA/CPA that we can refer clients to for tax purposes)
Social Media Management
Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Project Management
Process and Procedures
Google Suite
Microsoft Office Suite
Lebire Office Suite
Mac OS/IOS/Ipad OS
SMS Marketing
Many Chat
And more…

Things our team hates to do…
Be micromanaged… we thrive when our clients allow us to thrive in our positions. When we thrive so do our clients.

Our lists of other things we hate:
*Last-minute panic every single day on things to do, we get that things come up and that is ok from time to time, but to constantly in be in a state of panic for everything is not a positive environment for anyone to work in.

*Unclear expectations. We are always very clear on how to operate and our timelines and always do our best to work within those. However, clients that are never clear what they want to make keeping on a timeline difficult at best and creates a negative environment for all to work in.

*Clients that don’t understand how to work with Rockstar Type A personalities or super creative personalities. We have both on our team and we have learned to accept each other’s genius, limits, and support as needed. We also accept our client’s personality types and hope they do the same with us (we usually ask our potential clients what their personality type is and what their Enneagram is so that we can get to know you better).

*The consistent undoing of work behind your team… that is a control issue we have seen with many clients and have learned that working with someone that never trusts our results is bad for us and creates a bad taste in the client's mouth as well.

If you have any questions, please let me know how we can be of service.