Do you let failures and doubts stop you? What do you let get in your way of being a Passionate Successful Entrepreneur?  I just love saying ‘entrepreneur’ because it makes me feel so chic. We all have things that stop us.  We all have self-doubt, we all let things stop us.

Fear is a big one for everyone.  Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of it not being exactly the way we want it, fear of the lack of perfection. If you let fear stop you, you will never succeed, you will never have anything close to what you want, and perfection isn’t a worry either.

How are you fighting those feelings? How will you continue despite them?  Do you have a support system? Do you have someone you can go to that will help kick your butt out of the pit you just dug yourself? Do you have a personal guide? As women, we have the unique ability to connect with others that are in need.  Nurturing is part of being a woman. Join a Facebook group on the subject you want to move forward on or away from.

If you are in a situation where you do not feel you can reach out to those in your immediate reach, can you find someone that you can work with to help lift you up and empower you?

I am a survivor of more than I can even begin to write out, and I have come out the other side and have gained the superpowers needed to lavish others with that, which has been hard-won in battle. While I continue navigating on my journey to coaching women, I hope I can be this for many women. I not only want to make a living doing this, but I want to connect and share my passion for life with others.  Passion can be infectious, and enthusiasm is also infectious.  I have survived and come out the other side a STRONG PASSIONATE Rockstar of all I do and see.

I have been able to grow and get beyond every obstacle, no matter how big or small. I hope that the community here helps you find what you need to RISE STRONG. BECOME LIMITLESS and BE BOSS GIRL!