How to get TikTok’s algorithm to work FOR you and not AGAINST you.
The 2 important things for Tiktok growth early on is this:⁣

-WHAT is your content

-WHO should your content be shown to.⁣

WHAT followed by WHO.⁣

When you're posting your video(s) to TikTok, the AI has to go to work to understand What your Content is about, and WHO should they show it to.⁣

TikTok’s works to show the ideal people the ideal kind of content, so Tiktok can keep them on the app as long as possible⁣

Here are the 3 tips you’re probably getting wrong and how you can the AI to get it right.


Your caption is going to be important in getting the algorithm to understand WHAT your content is. If it understands WHAT your content is, then it knows WHO to show it to. When you first post your video Tiktok is going to use any relevant data available to hopefully show it to the right audience who will like your content the most. The thing is, TikTok doesn’t know who that audience really is, so it uses any information available and then shows your content to a random audience it thinks will resonate with. So in the caption (when starting) try not to use “Cool” captions that don’t really describe what your video is about. What you want to do is try and use as MANY KEYWORDS in your caption as possible, while still sounding interesting, and having a simple call to action in the comments.⁣

So for example, let’s say your video is relevant to people who are in need of skincare that works.

Here are 2 different captions examples:⁣


Why you aren't getting a date...


Why your skincare routine is hiding your beauty.

The first example’s keywords are all over the place, and there’s a greater likelihood that it will be shown to an audience who watch videos or interact with profiles whose content is about dating, or bad blind dates. This isn’t the audience you want your videos to be shown to because that audience will most likely only watch a couple of seconds of your video and quickly move on. This gives TikTok the impression that your video sucks, and that’s the end of your growth. When in reality, your video was just shown to the wrong audience.⁣

What we really want is to have our content shown to people who engage or have an interest in skincare, beauty etc. Try your absolute best to add in specific keywords, so your video is shown to an audience that is going to actually enjoy, watch, save, and comment on your video giving you the best results possible.⁣

“But Michael, all the videos I see on the for you page don’t have that at all!!”⁣

True… but what most people don’t realize is that a greater majority of people who hit the For You have had their accounts for a while, they have a lot of videos already uploaded to their profile, and NOW you’re seeing the fruits of the labor. Remember, they’ve also had to go through the process of teaching the algorithm, you’re just seeing the success of their hard work. In more rarer cases, YES some people can INSTANTLY go viral without any effort because the content is so good. but a majority of you are not experiencing that and these are the reasons why.⁣


Start typing in keywords related to your video on the tiktok search, and whatever relevant hashtag words start to pop up, those are the keywords you want to try and add into your caption as well. It’s what tiktok is inherently suggesting, so go with it.⁣


This is the second deciding data factor that tiktok uses when it’s shown in the Open Phase - Stage 1⁣

Using #ForYou isn’t really going to get you anywhere, and honestly hurts you a lot more, early on, then it does help you.⁣

Think of it this way. Tiktok is trying it’s best to figure out what your content is all about. It got your caption which helped it a bit, and now it moves onto hashtags. It’s collecting available data and then it comes across #ForYou. What does the algorithm do? It lumps you into that hashtag category. And what content is on the #foryou? Everything and anything under the sun.⁣

GO check out the #foryou hashtag. Look at how many different types of content are on this hashtag. It ranges from everything and anything content-wise, the niches are all over the place and there’s no content intent when looking up this hashtag. Remember the first 1-3hrs Tiktok is going to be showing your content ONLY to around 300-600 people (Open Phase - Stage 1). How they react and engage with your content is what gets you onto the Open Phase - Stage 2.⁣

And if they’re showing your content (Ideally niche specific) to people who don’t even care, then YOU get penalized for this.⁣

Using hashtags that are geared towards NICHE SPECIFIC audience that will resonate the most with your NICHE SPECIFIC CONTENT is 100% going to get you far better results in audience retention and total watch time.⁣

So stay away from these big giant hashtags that don’t serve you.⁣

ONLY Niche-specific hashtags, to MAKE SURE your content is shown to that ideal audience.⁣

Quick Tip:⁣

Choose hashtags that are ideally between 100k-1million⁣

Similar to Instagram Hashtag Strategies, you want to be able to stand a chance to rank for these hashtags, while still knowing the algorithm gives this hashtag actual weight.⁣


There are 2 attributes on comments, that helps tiktok’s algorithm better understand what your content is, who to show it to.⁣

Keywords in the comments.⁣

There’s a great chance that people will use keywords in the comments that help the algorithm better understand what the content is all about and who to show it to. So if people are saying “omg that baby is so cute!!”, the system is actively scanning, and deciding if your content is baby or child relevant, and then making sure to show MORE people who are interested in cute baby videos, your content. So in your caption, try and create Call To Actions that are going to elicit people to use keywords you want to rank and have your content be shown to.⁣

Individual Profile Characteristics

Each profile has its own individual characteristics or persona attached to it. The more you use your account, the better the algorithm understands what types of content you’re interested in, and what other types of content it should ideally show you so you stick around and visit the app more often.

So again, ensuring that you attract the RIGHT audience to your video is going to be key especially with comments. Because if you start to get 100 comments from an audience whose individual Profile Characteristics are not on par with the ideal audience you want… it’s going to start showing your video to those random profile’s audience who interact with your video int he comments. This is a bit of a “heady” topic to go over, and I might make a separate video breaking down individual profile authority, characteristics, and how to manipulate that. But the main takeaway from this is, the people who interact and leave comments can assist the algorithm is showing their following your content. But if their following isn’t interested in your content it can hurt you.⁣