You've been searching for a coach for ages. There are so many awesome people to choose from and they all provide something different. You have to know for sure that the person you work with is right for you. Before you get overwhelmed in the search for a coach. Here's some tips to pick the one who suits all your needs.

Here's a breakdown of some questions you should ask yourself when starting the journey:

1: What are you looking for in a coach a butt-kicker or a guide? Make sure you really know the personality of a coach you are looking for. Their personality can either compliment you and your business or put the breaks on everything.

2: What are your personality traits that make you unique? Make sure you know yourself, where you are now, not where you want to be.

3: What things about your business do you feel you need coaching on? Are you looking for a mentor a business strategist, mindset coach or a business manager? They all have unique skills to make sure you know the difference and what you and your business. need. Sometimes your business might need something different than you personally.

4: What specific skills does your coach need to have to help you the most? Are there specific skills your coach needs? Or do you need someone to come in and have an outside of the box perspective?

I am a Business Strategist, a Mentor, and a Mindset Queen. I have been a Business Strategist for 10 plus years. A Mentor for over 10 years in different areas and I found that I needed to have some Mindset skills to make me a better Business Strategist and Mentor.

Business strategists take ideas, create viable plans, execute them strategically and ultimately turn those ideas into reality. In other words, it's the responsibility of a business strategist to advocate the best course of action to achieve the desired business goals.

A Life Coach will work with you to bring out your strengths and guide you through making your own decisions.

A Mentor is someone that supports the growth and development of those they work with.

Choosing a coach is a very important part of your business growth. Make sure you take the time to really think about how you will plan for hiring someone.